How to use Ethamin?

Some guidelines...

Each unit of a healing code must be visualized individually.

Knowing that the sequence 3 . 5 . 7 is not read as three hundred fifty-seven, but rather 3 . 5 . 7.

In the above-used notation, the dot represents a few seconds of silence. The emptiness between two numbers is an important moment in the unfolding of meditation. It is a dynamic moment during which the vibrational trace of the number continues to resonate.

A rhythm of 4 beats punctuates the display of each number: appearance - presence - disappearance - absence. This rhythm is part of the protocol, be attentive to all the moments during the session.

This dynamic process is an important part of the meditation.

Session Procedure

This Healing Code Meditation can be practiced when you feel the need. It can be multiple times a day or once a day, according to the rhythm and the needs of each one.

The Importance of Complementarity

It is important to note that healing codes do not replace conventional medical treatments. They are intended to be used in conjunction with traditional approaches and as an additional tool to support overall healing. If you have any medical concerns, it is always advisable to consult with a qualified healthcare professional.